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Wheel Loaders models and specifications

Wheel Loaders models and specifications

Aug 26,2020
The working device of the wheel loader Payloaders: The shoveling and loading and unloading operations of the loader are realized by the movement of its working device. There are mainly seven types of structural types of working devices of wheel loader payloaders manufacturers, namely, three-bar, four-bar, five-bar, six-bar, and eight-bar type according to the number of components of the linkage mechanism; low power A small forklift with a capacity of 74kw, a medium forklift with a power of 74~147kw, a large forklift with a power of 147~515kw, and an extra-large forklift with a power greater than 515kw. Precautions for purchasing a forklift: 1. The purchase of a forklift depends on the manufacturer. Because the threshold for producing the machine is not very high, this has also led to the continuous emergence of manufacturers in recent years. Loader models are classified according to different tonnages. For example, there are four types of loaders. The middle number represents tonnage. For those with less than 2 tons, there are 616B and 618B, those with 3 tons are 636B, 630B, and those with 5 tons are 657C, 658C, and 659C. , 650B, 50F-Ⅱ, 652B, 6 tons of 668C, 669C, 660B;

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