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Prevent Accidents Involving Small Wheel Loader Tires

Prevent Accidents Involving Small Wheel Loader Tires

Sep 7,2020
First of all, with the widespread use of small wheel loaders, some problems have slowly appeared. Friends who are concerned about us should know that daily maintenance is a very important operation step. Sometimes as the weather is hot, the loaders If you are outside for a long time, it is easy to burst. So in order for this phenomenon to happen, the editor summarized a few requirements for friends, then we will not talk nonsense, and interested friends will continue to Look down.

In the process of using, once we find that the tire pressure and tire temperature are too high, we should stop the car in a cool place to cool down before continuing to drive, but we should not use deflation to reduce the tire pressure or use cold water to heat up Tires to avoid accidents during the work of the small wheel loader. When the temperature is too high in summer, because the number of layers of tires on small loaders is mostly about fourteen layers, heat transfer is faster than large tires. It is easy to overheat the tires, which increases the internal pressure and promotes the rubber physics of the tires. Performance drops, causing a puncture.

Let's stop here first for my friends’ summary of today' article. I hope it can be helpful to you. If you have any good clothes for loaders, friends are welcome to discuss with us. Of course, if you think Our products are very suitable for you. If you have time, we recommend that you come to our company for on-site inspections, and we will have professional staff for you to summarize and share with friends.
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