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How to operate the wet concrete spray machine correctly, to share with you

How to operate the wet concrete spray machine correctly, to share with you

Oct 28,2020
Wet concrete spraying machine is a kind of vegetation greening mechanical equipment, mainly used for highway (railway) side slope greening, side slope protection, mountain treatment, mine greening, desert treatment, waste landfill treatment and other projects.
1. The operator of the wheel-operated wet spraying machine must be a qualified person who has passed the technical training of the wet spraying machine manufacturer, and is responsible for it, and cannot be replaced at will.
2. Preparation before spraying
3. When the wheel wet spray machine is turned on the previous time, it is necessary to add lubricating oil to the cam body (there is a dipstick mark at the oil filling port), and always check the lubricating oil in the cam cavity and reduction box to ensure that the lubricating oil is clean. .
4. Connect various pipelines as required to ensure that the pipelines are unblocked.
6. Connect the electrical appliances of the inspection equipment and ensure reliable grounding.
7. Check the hopper to ensure that there are no slender foreign objects such as ironware, wrenches, and iron wires.
8. Instruct concrete mixing materials and control the workability of concrete.
9. Matters needing attention in spraying
10. Check the wind pressure of the system, do not start the machine if it is less than 0.5Mp
11. When preparing to open the wind, you must contact the sprayer and open the main air valve slowly. Too fast will cause the nozzle to shake violently, and the sprayer cannot control it, which may cause waiting for injury.
wet concrete spraying machine

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