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The factors that affect the price of wet concrete spraying pump truck are these

The factors that affect the price of wet concrete spraying pump truck are these

Oct 28,2020
At present, small wet concrete spray trucks are widely used in many fields. There are many manufacturers of small wet spray carts with different prices. What are the factors affecting the price of small wet spray carts? Among them, the quality of the accessories is very large, so the quality of the accessories of the small wet spray cart directly affects the price of the whole machine. Small wet spray trolley components are used, which is one of the reasons why people think that the price of small wet spray trolleys is slightly higher than other manufacturers. Although this makes the whole machine more expensive, the use of accessories makes the life of the small wet spray cart much longer than other manufacturers, so in the long run, it is more cost-effective for the small wet spray cart.
wet concrete spraying machine
When purchasing small wet spray trolley accessories, please pay attention to the following points:
1. Check the product identification of the accessory
Under normal circumstances, the original imported parts are printed with the brand, part number and code, and some products are marked with the country of origin.
2. Performance test
Under normal circumstances, some parts cannot distinguish between authenticity and appearance. At this time, you can use a special instrument for performance testing to check whether the injection pressure, quantity, angle, etc. meet the requirements.
3. Check the appearance
When purchasing a small wet spray cart, you should carefully check whether the appearance of the small wet spray cart is normal and whether the color is normal. If there is a sample of the original component, you can check it. Usually, the surface of the imitation product is rough and the color is incorrect. . In addition, the size can be measured with a special tool to further determine whether it meets the requirements.
In the structure, more small wet spray trolleys are used. When buying a trolley, only purchasing accessories can extend the service life of a small wet trolley, and the concrete industry attaches great importance to safe production. In other words, the quality of small wet spray cart accessories is more important.
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