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Wet concrete spraying machine has broad development prospects

Wet concrete spraying machine has broad development prospects

Dec 17,2020
Wet concrete spraying machine is a pumping wet spraying machine, which has the characteristics of high pumping pressure, long conveying distance, low resilience, high construction efficiency, and continuous adjustment of the shotcrete amount and the addition amount of accelerator.

Compared with dry spraying machines and tide spraying machines, wet concrete spraying machines adopt wet spraying technology, which has the advantages of less dust, less springback, protection of the working environment, saving of raw materials, improvement of spray coating quality, and cost saving. Various working environments.
robot shotcrete machine with placing boom
The wet concrete spraying machine is multi-purpose, and can be used for spraying, filling, grouting, pumping and other engineering constructions. Concrete hydraulic wet spraying machine is widely used in railways, highway tunnels, slopes, water conservancy, hydropower tunnels and culverts, subways and various construction projects and other wet spraying concrete operations.

With the increase of people's awareness of environmental protection and the improvement of the quality of shotcrete, more and more shotcrete anchor support construction requires the use of concrete hydraulic wet shotcrete. As a special equipment for spray anchor support operations, wet concrete spraying machine has a wide range of uses, and wet concrete spraying machine has broad development prospects.
robotic concrete spraying machine with shotcrete robot head and placing boom

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