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Detailed maintenance of concrete pump

Detailed maintenance of concrete pump

Feb 24,2021
Concrete pumps and wet spraying machines are widely used products in construction. They have the advantages of uniform mixing of slurry, good stability, and easy adjustment of the ratio of mortar, stone and cement. The correct use of concrete pumps and wet spraying machines is the key to prolonging equipment life and improving production efficiency. So, how can we maintain the details to improve the service life of the fine stone concrete pump? Based on years of experience, Saintyol DAWIN Machinery will summarize the following points for you:

 The pistons of concrete pumps, such as fine-stone concrete pumps, need frequent inspection and maintenance. Therefore, first check the relevant items of the pump truck before and after use according to the corresponding requirements and methods in the product manual. For example, the water tank, concrete cylinder, concrete delivery pipe of the pumping system, the torque of the fixing bolts of the boom rotating base, the boom, rotating base, outriggers, supporting structure, reducer and other parts, if found to be severely worn, should be replaced in time , To prevent sand particles from entering the wear part of the concrete piston and damaging the conveying cylinder. In order to increase the service life of the concrete piston, the lubrication of the concrete piston by the grease should be checked before each start-up. According to the detailed description of the manual, timely and adequate lubrication of the components of the pump truck will extend the life of the components. At the same time, it is necessary to use the hydraulic oil recommended by the company and replace the oil used in the hydraulic system regularly.
concrete mixer with pump
The concrete pump piston is composed of a concrete sealing body, a guide ring, a piston body and a piston core rod, and its various parts are fixed together by bolts. Play the role of guiding, sealing and conveying concrete.
 The front end of the conveying cylinder is connected with the hopper, and the rear end is connected with the water tank, which is fixed between the hopper and the water tank by a tie rod (or screw). The conveying cylinder is generally made of precision seamless steel pipes. Due to the long-term contact with water and concrete, the chemical corrosion of acid and alkali substances and the severe friction between the concrete and the surface of the conveying cylinder, the inner surface of the conveying cylinder of the drum stirring pump will be chrome-plated greatly. Improved its wear resistance and corrosion resistance.
In addition, special attention should be paid to inspections during winter construction, because the cold weather in winter will easily make the turnover of various parts difficult, and operators need to carefully inspect.

Therefore, customers and friends need to do the above maintenance work when using the fine stone concrete pump, which can effectively increase the service life of the equipment and thereby increase the production efficiency. The concrete pump of Saintyol DAWIN Machinery adopts S pipe valve to change direction, which has good sealing performance and long life; the hydraulic system adopts air-cooled heat dissipation, low feeding height and easy to use; it can greatly reduce pipeline blockage and effectively extend the service life of rotating parts. Saintyol DAWIN Machinery wet spray machine is durable and suitable for all kinds of extreme weather. Consumers are welcome to inquire.
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