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Technical advantages of Saintyol DAWIN wet concrete spraying machine

Technical advantages of Saintyol DAWIN wet concrete spraying machine

Dec 17,2020
Compared with the dry spraying machine, Saintyol DAWIN hydraulic pumping wet concrete spraying machine has significant advantages such as low dust, less rebound, protect the working environment, save raw materials, improve the quality of the spray layer, and effectively improve the construction work environment. The hydraulic pumping wet concrete spraying machine is widely used in the construction of the sprayed concrete support in the construction of railway tunnels, highway tunnels, water conservancy culverts, mine roadways, dam slopes, building foundation pits and military engineering.
wet concrete shotcrete machine with robot spray head

Technical advantages of hydraulic pumping concrete wet spraying machine

1. Simple operation and strong adaptability.

2. High pumping pressure and long conveying distance.

3. Large conveying capacity and efficient construction.

4. Shotcrete has high performance, compactness, uniformity and high strength.

5. The key parts adopt domestic well-known brands to ensure high reliability of the equipment.

6. The well-known metering pump is used, and the addition and control of the accelerator is accurate, so that the accelerator and the concrete are evenly mixed.

7. Reduce the dust concentration beside the machine and outside the nozzle, and eliminate the harm to workers' health.

8. Low resilience, effective cost saving.

9. The hydraulic oil is cooled by air cooling, which is simple and environmentally friendly.

10. One machine has multiple functions, it can be used as wet spraying machine or concrete pump
wet cocrete spraying machine with robot spraying head

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