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Instructions for use of self-loading mixer truck

Instructions for use of self-loading mixer truck

Jan 11,2021
The operation of the self-loading mixer is simple, but it also requires professional training. It can not be operated casually. Here are the operating instructions of the self-loading mixer. Let's take a look.

1. Familiar with the structure, working principle and operation method of self-feeding mixer.

2. The pressure of the hydraulic system should comply with the regulations in the instruction manual and should not be adjusted at will. The quality and quantity of hydraulic oil should meet the original requirements.

3. Before loading the mixer truck, drain the remaining water and debris in the mixing drum. Rotate continuously during transportation to prevent segregation of concrete. Before the mixer arrives at the construction site and discharges, the mixer should be rotated at full speed at 14-18 rpm for 1-2 minutes, and then reverse unloading. Before reversing, the mixing drum should be stopped.

4. The ambient temperature is higher than 25 degrees Celsius, and the duration from loading, transportation, to unloading shall not exceed 60 minutes, and the ambient temperature shall not exceed 90 minutes if the ambient temperature is below 25 degrees Celsius.

5. Do not run overloaded, always pay attention to its operating status.

6. During winter construction, it should be done: check for icing before starting; carefully remove the residual water in the mixing drum and water supply system when off work, turn off the water pump switch, and place the control handle in the "stop" position.
self loadig concrete mixer truck
7. After unloading at the construction site, immediately flush the feed hopper, discharge hopper, and unloading chute with the hose that comes with the mixer truck to remove the sludge and concrete adhering to the body. On the way back to the mixing station, 150---200L of water should be poured into the mixing drum to clean the concrete residues on the wall and blades.

8. After working every day, the driver should be responsible for injecting clean water into the mixing drum and rotating it at high speed (14-18 rpm) for 5-10 minutes, and then draining the water to ensure that the drum is clean. When cleaning each part of the mixing drum with high-pressure water, pay attention to avoiding parts such as meters and joysticks. The distance between the pressure water nozzle and the paint surface of the body shall not be less than 40 cm.

9. When working, don't put your hands into the rotating mixing drum, and it is strictly forbidden to put your hands into the connecting part of the main discharge chute and the extended discharge chute to avoid accidents.

There are still many details to be dealt with in the operation of the self-loading mixer. You must pay attention to it at ordinary times. If you have any questions about the self-feeding mixer, you can call for consultation.
auto self feeding concrete mixer truck

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