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How to maintain the concrete mixing pump to last its life longer?

How to maintain the concrete mixing pump to last its life longer?

Jan 19,2021
Generally speaking, the normal service life of the concrete mixing pump is about seven or eight years. But if there is no good maintenance, the service life may have to be compromised. If there is correct operation and reasonable maintenance, there is no problem with the mixing pump for more than ten years. How to maintain the mixing pump to last longer?    1. In order to ensure the service life of the mixing drag pump, if you buy the mixing drag pump, you should use the parts produced by the original factory. Inappropriate accessories can cause the equipment to wear out.   2. The best ambient temperature for the working condition of the mixing trailer pump is -5~45℃. When the ambient temperature is not within this range, please consult the professional after-sales service personnel to discuss detailed maintenance matters.   3. The mixing trailer pump is only used for mixing and pumping pumpable concrete, and it is forbidden to be used for mixing and conveying other materials. When it is necessary to mix and transport other materials, you should consult the manufacturer’s engineer in advance and take relevant necessary measures before trying it out.   4. The mixing and drag pump mechanism can only be used in slopes, high-voltage electricity, flammable, explosive and any other dangerous environments.   5. It is forbidden to make any amendments and additions to the mixing and conveying integrated machine that may affect safety without obtaining consent.
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