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What should be paid attention to in the operation of concrete pumps

What should be paid attention to in the operation of concrete pumps

Feb 24,2021
The concrete pump is mainly used for the secondary pouring of the construction project under construction. The concrete pump is mainly used to transport the mortar by hydraulic means. The reciprocating operation of the double cylinder is filtered through the vibrating screen to complete the transportation of various mortar and fine stone concrete. . Saintyol DAWIN Concrete Pump has the advantages of large capacity, high pressure, labor-saving, material-saving, and convenient movement. We hereby sincerely remind you to use the equipment in a positive way when operating the concrete pump, and pay attention to the relevant matters in the operation:

First of all, make sure that the conveying pipeline must be firmly supported and the connections of the joints must be firm. Do not pressurize or hang heavy objects on the pipeline, otherwise the conveying pipeline may be damaged. Before use, check the working status of the electrical equipment, whether the instrument is working normally, whether the hopper filter and the safety protection device are normal. During the transportation of the fine stone concrete pump, pay attention to check whether the pressure gauge is normal. If the machine stops due to a fault, open the drain valve to release the pressure before troubleshooting. When the pressure has not reached zero, do not disassemble the air chamber, pressure valve and pipeline to avoid danger. Stop feeding after use, and then stop the machine after all the concrete in the pump is delivered, and clean the concrete in the hopper and pipeline.
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In addition, if the concrete delivery pump generates heat due to the heating of the hydraulic system during use, it must be paid attention to by the majority of operators. Because the heating phenomenon of concrete pump and mixing trailer pump often causes many failures. From the perspective of the manufacturer, we should start with design, implement the concept of prevention first, reduce the heat generation of its hydraulic system to a low value, increase the operating rate of concrete pumps and mixing trailers, and extend their service life.
Based on many years of practical experience, Saintyol DAWIN Machnery believes that the causes of heat generation in the hydraulic system of concrete pumps and mixing trailer pumps are mainly divided into two categories: one is heat due to design reasons. One is the heat caused by the failure or improper use of hydraulic components. Due to the different causes of fever, the elimination method is also different. If the design is unreasonable, the internal leakage will increase, which will increase the oil temperature, and the heating of the system will cause internal leakage of the hydraulic system of the fine stone concrete pump, including hydraulic pumps, hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic motors and hydraulic valves. The pressure drops during the process, thereby increasing the temperature. If the internal leakage of the system increases, it will cause the oil temperature to rise, the system overheats, and in severe cases, the system pressure will drop, the pumping will be weak, the pumping displacement will be reduced, and the stirring drag pump will be weak.

Precautions in the operation of concrete pumps must be understood by everyone. Based on the above points, Saintyol DAWIN Machinery believes that regular inspections in the operation of concrete equipment are the key. Saintyol DAWIN Machinery provides you with high-quality concrete pumps and mixing trailer pumps, welcome to consult.
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