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The daily maintenance of the wet spray machine is as follows

The daily maintenance of the wet spray machine is as follows

Mar 1,2021
More and more customers will encounter a lot of problems in the process of using the wet concrete spray machine. Have some questions about the maintenance of the wet spray machine? Below, Saintyol DAWIN Machinery will answer your questions one by one!

1. When does the oil in the wet spray machine need to be replaced?

Check the oil level and quality of the hydraulic oil. The oil quality should be light yellow and transparent, without emulsification or contamination, or it should be replaced immediately. When the air leakage on the side of the rotor body is severe, check whether the gap between the limit seat and the hopper seat is appropriate.
2. The running speed of wet spraying machine is fast and slow?

You should first check whether the voltage is stable. If the voltage is normal, you need to check the working condition of the smooth system. You should see that the progressive distributor indicator rod moves back and forth. There is smooth oil on the bearing position of the S-tube swing arm end and the bearing position of the mixing shaft. Overflow; then turn on to investigate whether the distribution valve reversal and the forward rotation of the mixing equipment are operating normally. When the pressure of the wet spray machine is low and the eruption effect is not ideal, you can check whether there is oil leakage or oil leakage in the hydraulic system. Afterwards, always check all the threaded connections of the wet spray machine to ensure that the connections are strong.

With the increasing popularity of wet spraying jumbo in the new Austrian method (drilling and blasting method) construction, the tunnel and Aliwa have further in-depth cooperation, introduced its best concrete spraying technology and quality standards, and successfully manufactured high-quality concrete in China Spray equipment. With more cost-effective products and faster service, it has become the choice of many customers, creating greater value for customers.
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