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How to solve the problem of pumping weakness when the concrete pump is working?

How to solve the problem of pumping weakness when the concrete pump is working?

Mar 1,2021
1. Check the pressure of the main pump system of the concrete delivery pump (during pumping operation). If it does not reach the specified value, check the overflow valve and the main oil pump. For closed systems, under normal circumstances, the concrete pump motor starts and the charge pump works, and the pressure display should be around 2.5MPa. If the pressure is insufficient, adjust the charge pump safety valve and check the wear of the charge pump.

2. The temperature of the hydraulic oil of the concrete delivery pump is too high, which leads to an increase in leakage, a drop in oil pressure and weak work. The heat dissipation system should be overhauled to ensure a good heat dissipation effect.

3. When the concrete pump truck is stopped, turn on the main power supply, press the delivery button of the pump truck, and carefully observe whether the solenoid valve that controls the pump is operating. You can also use a multimeter to measure the on-off status of the relevant solenoid valves. If it is not normal, you need to take further steps. Determine whether the line is faulty, the solenoid valve coil of the concrete pump is damaged or the spool is stuck. If it is normal, check the action of the hydraulic reversing valve.
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