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How to reduce the blockage of the concrete pump?

How to reduce the blockage of the concrete pump?

Mar 1,2021
How can concrete pumps, wet spraying machines and other equipment reduce pump blockage? How can we prevent the concrete pump from being blocked? Saintyol DAWIN Machinery believes that these problems are focused on prevention, and that the solution to the problem is advanced to the product design itself, which can greatly reduce the cost of use. For example, we know that the higher the outlet pressure, the less likely it is to block the pipe. At the beginning of the pipe blockage, if the hydraulic system can provide strong thrust, the pipe can be forced to open and prevent the pipe blockage from forming.

The concrete pump adopts the automatic conversion function of high and low pressure pumping to reduce pipe blockage. If the pipe blockage occurs in the low-pressure pumping state, it can instantly generate a strong thrust after turning to the high-pressure pumping state to prevent the further development of the pipe blockage. The hard pumping characteristics help to reduce the occurrence of pipe blockage. Most of the current wet spraying machines, concrete delivery pumps, etc. use variable pumps. Although this can improve pumping efficiency and reduce installed power, it is not good for preventing pipe blockage, because the smaller the flow rate of high-pressure pumping, the more likely it is to cause blockage. tube. From the perspective of the transfer pump user, it is recommended to choose products with high power as much as possible and adjust the variable curve of the pump so that the energy of the motor can be fully utilized without overloading the motor.

wet concrete spraying machine

  In the use of concrete pumps such as wet spraying machines, we need to pay attention to the following points: When designing and installing pipes, 90° and S bends should be avoided as much as possible to reduce concrete pumping resistance and prevent blockage; pressure delivery should be continuous If for some reason the pressure delivery is interrupted for more than 30 minutes or when pressure delivery is difficult, the delivery pump should be pushed at intervals, and four strokes should be reversed every 4 to 5 minutes to prevent concrete segregation or blockage; due to slump It has a great impact on the pumpability of concrete, so the pump's requirements for slump should be met as much as possible.

  In addition, the selected aggregate particle size should meet the requirements, and generally should not be greater than 1/4 of the diameter of the conveying pipe; when it is difficult to convey concrete, the pressure of the pump rises, and the pipeline vibrates, it should not be forced to convey. Check the road, and slow down the pressure delivery speed or reverse the pump to prevent blockage. Adding appropriate admixtures, fly ash, etc. can also improve pumpability and reduce pipe blockage. In order to prevent pipe blockage, a special person should be set up on the feeding hopper to pick up large rocks and debris in time.

Wet shotcreting machines, concrete delivery pumps, etc. should pay more attention to the design, production and use, and prevent the phenomenon of pipe blockage. Saintyol DAWIN Machinery analyzed the causes and measures of pipe blockage in the process of concrete construction and transportation, and provided a reference for the construction of concrete transportation.
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