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The following inspection work is very important before concrete pump operation

The following inspection work is very important before concrete pump operation

Mar 23,2021
1. Check that the bolts of each part of the concrete pump should be tightened, the pipe joints should be tight and sealed, the protective device should be complete and reliable, and the tires should be wedge tight.

2. All control switches should be placed in the neutral position (or cut-off position).

3. Check if the hydraulic oil tank of the concrete pump is insufficient, the same type of hydraulic oil should be added. Check that the hydraulic system should be normal and without leakage.

4. Check whether the power supply, water source and safety devices of the concrete pump have been correctly connected according to the original factory instructions.

5. Check the cooling water surface of the piston rod cooling and lubricating seal chamber. If the water is insufficient, fill it up; if the water is not clean, replace it, and check whether the commercial concrete piston is damaged.

6. Add lubricating oil (grease) to each lubricating point, and each lubricating point of each shift must be lubricated once.

7. There should be no debris in the mixing hopper, and the upper protective grid should be tightly covered.

8. Check the degree of wear and tear of the concrete pumping pipeline. The wall thickness of the pipeline should not be less than 3mm. Pipe joints, sealing rings and elbows should be replaced regularly. When the weather is hot, use wet sacks, wet straw bales, etc. to cover the pipeline.

9. Prepare the cleaning tube, cleaning supplies, ball catcher and related devices. Before operation, the pipeline must be lubricated with cement mortar prepared in accordance with the regulations. Irrelevant employees must leave the pipeline.
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