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Several problems to be paid attention to in the use of trailer concrete mixing pump

Several problems to be paid attention to in the use of trailer concrete mixing pump

Mar 29,2021
The trailer concrete mixing pump is a very common mechanical equipment in construction. It has a smart body, easy to drag, economical and cheap, so it is welcomed by the majority of construction parties. Compared with other concrete pumps, concrete mixer with pump need to be installed in order to carry out construction during use, and certain skills need to be paid more attention to. So what problems should be paid attention to in the use of trailer concrete mixing pump?
Analysis by technical personnel of Qingdao Saityol DAWIN Machinery Co., Ltd.: Mixing trailer pumps are used in the construction of new rural areas. This is because it can not only mix concrete on site, but also transport concrete. It is a dual purpose machine, so it is widely used by construction parties. welcome. So what problems should be paid attention to in the use of mixing trailer pump? First, before using the mixing pump to pour concrete, be sure to place the equipment on a flat, solid site with a certain distance from the side of the foundation pit and in compliance with the specified power source. After completing these basic items, we must pay attention to the following points:

1. Laying the pipeline in a straight line

At the construction site, it is usually necessary to ensure that there is a sealed protective shed. At the same time, the placing boom has no obstacles within the cantilever motion range, and there is no high voltage line. In addition, in the process of laying the pipeline, usually the pipeline laying line between the pumping equipment and the pouring point should be guaranteed to be straight, and bends should be minimized. At the same time, the laying of the pipeline support and the fixing of the pipeline must be tightened and reliable, and the joints of the pipeline should be kept sealed. And reliable, do not mix hoses and steel pipes.
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2. Installation of key parts

During the installation process, it is strictly forbidden to connect the vertical pipeline of the mixing trailer pump directly to the outlet of the ground pump. It is recommended to install a horizontal pipe with a length of not less than 10 meters before the vertical pipe is erected. Ensure that the horizontal pipe enters the pump with a check valve. At the same time, when laying downwardly inclined pipes, it is recommended to install a horizontal pipe at the lower end, the length of which is at least five times the height of the inclined pipe.

3. Clogging treatment

If the delivery pump pipe is blocked during construction, it is recommended to stop pumping at this time. After checking the blocked pipe, first remove the pipe and clean it, then reinstall it firmly, and reset it after the seal is cleaned. It should be pointed out that, usually, the conveying pipeline of the mixing trailer pump should not be installed on the automobile conveying pump for use.

4. Disposal of the use and storage of the placing boom

During use and storage, the general placing boom must be tied and fixed firmly with ropes from multiple directions. If it cannot be pulled, it is recommended to set up a temporary support; it is recommended that the placing boom is balanced and locked during lifting, and the nozzle should be prevented from biting your hands during assembly. In addition, the placing boom should be placed on a flat and solid ground.

5. Climate conditions

In the process of use, ensure that the transfer pump is operated with the boom when the wind speed is less than 16 m/s. If the wind is greater than six levels or more, the cantilever must not be used. However, wet sack pieces can be used in hot weather Cover the pipe.

The use of mixing trailer pump greatly improves the efficiency of construction. What problems should be paid attention to in the use of mixing trailer pump? How to maintain the mixing trailer pump, welcome to visit Qingdao Saintyol DAWIN Machinery website for inquiries.
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