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Safety tips in the construction of concrete pumps

Safety tips in the construction of concrete pumps

Apr 13,2021
The concrete delivery pump sometimes has some small faults in use, which affects safety. Through a lot of practice, Saintyol DAWIN Machinery has found that in the construction process of concrete pumps and wet spraying machines, due to the influence and influence of various factors, there are a series of uncertain safety hazards. These safety hazards have an impact on the construction progress and personnel safety. And engineering cost control is a great test. Therefore, the editor of Saintyol DAWIN reminds everyone that during construction, it is necessary to eliminate and effectively prevent safety hazards in concrete construction, so as to speed up the progress of concrete construction and ensure construction safety.

1. The main safety hazards during the construction of the concrete pump

Concrete construction is a relatively complex construction link, which requires multiple construction elements such as equipment, raw materials, procedures, and personnel. There are a large number of potential safety hazards and dangers. Therefore, operators and participants must pay great attention to it.

2. Potential safety hazards in equipment operation

The concrete pump needs to use a variety of equipment and machinery to complete the pouring construction and other processes. Therefore, the equipment will become the "protagonist" of the construction site in the specific construction process, and the resulting operational risks and safety hazards are unavoidable. For example, during the high-altitude pouring operation, the high-altitude operation of the equipment, the safe operation of the lifting equipment, etc., there will be all kinds of hidden dangers. Sometimes, equipment operators violate the operating rules and requirements to perform illegal operations that cannot damage the machinery and equipment, and also put other construction workers in danger. Such negative aspects are not uncommon. For another example, a specific area must be delineated during the concrete pouring construction process, which is framed with markers such as ropes and red lines. However, the construction unit has not done so, which brings significant safety to personnel who stray into the construction area. Hidden danger, which is in urgent need of improvement.

3. The hidden dangers caused by the operation of construction personnel

Concrete construction technicians are the core of the entire construction schedule, and they are also a group of people with frequent safety hazards. First of all, many concrete construction workers lack practical experience and are prone to problems such as negligence and omission in operation, which not only cause defects in project quality, but also bring many unsafe factors, such as the risk of injury, equipment damage, and so on. Furthermore, some construction workers lack safety and quality awareness, and the impact is extremely bad. Therefore, construction project managers should maintain a clear understanding and must not allow the above-mentioned safety hazards to appear.

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