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Saintyol DAWIN machinery is the leading manufacturer of concrete placing booms

Saintyol DAWIN machinery is the leading manufacturer of concrete placing booms

Apr 21,2021
The hydraulic concrete placing boom is a new product developed to expand the limitations of concrete pouring and improve the mechanization of pumping construction. It adopts a 360-degree full reversal spreading arm frame type fabric structure, and the parts are manually controlled to change the flexibility. The proper height of the tower body can be arbitrarily changed by simply pulling the rope. It can also be fixed in the elevator shaft. It is equipped with an active climbing mechanism. It is lifted by hydraulic cylinders and automatically climbs in the elevator shaft so that the concrete distributor can follow the lowering of the floor. And it reduces, saves time and effort, and is highly effective. The supporting equipment of the concrete conveying pump is connected with the concrete conveying pump, which expands the limitation of concrete pumping. Ineffectively dealt with the roundabout of the wall pouring concrete placing, which improved the construction effectiveness, increased the rest intensity, and carried forward important consequences.

Before using the hydraulic concrete distributing machine, it is necessary to consider the support strength of the support template on the budget floor so as to reasonably select the use method of the concrete distributing machine. If the supporting strength of the supporting formwork is greater than the sum of the supporting angle of the concrete distributor and the pressure of the concrete layer against the air, and the steel bars arranged on the floor are thicker, the concrete distributor can be directly arranged in place. If the supporting strength of the supporting formwork is relatively small, and the steel bars arranged on the floor are relatively thin, the method of laying a larger area of ​​wooden boards under the four supporting feet can be used to evacuate the pressure. If the strength of the support plate is smaller, a lighter and smaller distributing machine must be used.
mobile concrete placing boom
The following items should be paid attention to during the operation of the hydraulic concrete placing boom machine.
    1. The front end of the manual tube shall not be connected with the rubber conveying hose to avoid pulling and overturning.
    2. The source of the manual nozzle shall not be buried by concrete piles.
    3. When the scene of overturning appears, the cloth should be stopped immediately.
    4. After finishing the pouring of the homework, the concrete distributor must stop cleaning the pipe of the concrete placing distributor. The inner wall of the pipe should be clean and there should be no residual concrete.
    5. In high-rise construction, the wind shall not be greater than six.
    6. Do not randomly increase or decrease the weight information in the weight box to prevent overturning.
    7, often introspect whether the screws of each part of the fabric machine can be hooked, and whether the safety pins are strong, to prevent decoupling and overturning.
The common task working condition of the hydraulic placing placing boom machine is mostly with the boom up and the middle and small arms down. In the rising section of the pipeline (tower body and boom pipeline), the concrete in the pipeline is pushed to travel under the pumping pressure of the concrete pump. The concrete fills the ascending pipeline, and its flow rate fluctuates without segregation. In the lower part of the pipeline (middle and small arms), the flow rate of concrete is getting faster and faster due to the influence of gravity deceleration. Because the conveying flow of concrete in the lower section will not be changed, the decelerated concrete cannot overflow the conveying pipeline. The concrete is not "pushed" undulatingly in the lowering pipeline, but "rolled down" quickly. In the process of "rolling down", the concrete and the pipe wall will collide from time to time, and the aggregates will be separated from the slurry, so a kind of segregation occurs.
mobile concrete placing boom
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