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Safety rules for the use of concrete placing boom machines

Safety rules for the use of concrete placing boom machines

Apr 21,2021
Precautions for the use of the concrete placing boom machine Strictly abide by the rules of use. Correct operation is the guarantee to prevent accidents and extend the service life.
 A preparation before arrangement

 1. Check whether there is enough working space on site, and the working surface should be flat and solid and not soft and collapsed.

 2. If the working surface is uneven or the steel bar is flat, use 600*60*60MM wood planks to level up, and the solid square frame should be tightened and fixed with steel wire ropes and should not be tilted.

 3. When placing the concrete placing boom vertically upwards, use the steel pipe of the shelf to make the space balance frame of the stabilizer. Use four oil wire ropes to tighten and insert the safety pins of the flower basket to prevent decoupling and fix it before the cloth construction can be carried out. (Note: Due to different construction site conditions, the factory does not provide rack steel pipes, oil wire ropes and tensioning devices)

 4. Use shelf steel pipes at the elbows of the stand, and fix the elbows at the center of the square stand to prevent accidents caused by excessive impact.

 5. Check whether sodium and calcium base grease is injected into each lubrication point.

Common sense of safe use of concrete placing booms 

1. The operator of the construction operation of the concrete placing machine must first read the operating manual of the concrete placing machine, and understand the relevant composition and safety factor of the manual placing machine in detail. 

2. Strictly follow the relevant safety rules and do not lengthen and raise the concrete placing boom machine at will.

3. Before the concrete placing machine works, check whether the bolts are tight, whether the counterweight box and the boom are balanced, and whether the welding part of the placing machine has open welding or not.

4. Operators should establish safety awareness. Once abnormal equipment failures are found during operation, they should immediately shut down for inspection, and continue to work after the failure is rectified.

5. When the concrete placing boom machine is operating, it should be directed by a special person. Before walking, pay attention to whether there is any abnormality or failure on the track or in the operating range. It should be shut down immediately for inspection, and the work can be continued after troubleshooting.
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6. The foundation of the bottom pad of the distributor must be solid and reliable. When the concrete distributor is in a non-working state, a wind-proof and anti-skid device should be installed, and it should not be removed before operation. 

 7. Before starting, check all the protective devices of the concrete placing boom machine, such as the cable wind rope, safety rod, and the bearing of the concrete placing boom machine are normal, sensitive and reliable.

 8. When using the cloth machine, pay attention to observe whether the concrete placing boom machine is running well, check whether the rotation of each part of the bearing is normal, and whether the sound is normal. Once the rotation is not working, stop the operation and check and repair.

9. During the operation of the concrete placing boom, it is necessary to patrol to check the operation of each part, concentrate on listening to the signal of the shutdown, and prevent misoperation.

10. The concrete distributing machine should firstly rotate without load, and then idling for 3-5 laps first. When several concrete distributors are running in series, they should start from the discharge end and start in sequence. Feeding can be done after all normal operation. It is forbidden to feed first and then rotate and stop. Feeding must be stopped before the pump, and the pump can be shut down after the concrete stock in the pump pipe is exhausted. 

 11 After the pouring operation of the distributor is completed, clean water or a special cleaning ball to clean the conveying pipe of the concrete distributor.

 13: If the concrete placing boom needs to be placed for a long time, disassemble the upper frame of the concrete placing boom machine and the stand frame of the cloth machine.

 14: The counterweight box cannot be removed for short-term vertical concret placement of the concrete distributor.
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