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Basic working principle of concrete pump

Basic working principle of concrete pump

Jun 22,2021
Most of the small concrete pumps are in the form of double cylinders. Its two hydraulic cylinders drive the two conveying cylinder pistons to work alternately, which not only makes the conveying of concrete more stable and continuous, but also greatly increases the displacement. Its working principle varies according to the distribution valve and control mode, but the main difference is still reflected in the realization of the reversing action. The working principle of the small concrete pump with S tube valve is taken as an example below.

The working principle of the S-pipe valve small concrete pump. When pumping concrete, under the action of the main hydraulic cylinder, the piston moves forward and the piston next to it moves backward. At this time, the swing valve hydraulic cylinder is in the extended state, and the other is in the facing state. Through the action of the swing arm, the concrete inside is pushed by the piston to enter the conveying pipeline through the S tube. The concrete in the hopper is sucked into the conveying cylinder by the continuously retreating piston. When the piston advances into position and the other piston moves back into position, the control system sends a signal to extend the swing valve hydraulic cylinder and the other retracts. When the swing valve hydraulic cylinders are all reversed, it sends a signal to make the two main hydraulic cylinders. Reversing, pushing the piston forward, and the other backward, the concrete sucked into the conveying cylinder in the previous round is pushed into the S pipe into the conveying pipe, and at the same time, the conveying cylinder sucks material. Such repeated actions can complete the continuous pumping of concrete materials by the small concrete pump.

When the small concrete pump is reversed, the concrete delivery cylinder of the suction stroke is connected with the S pipe valve through the reverse pump operation, so that the concrete in the external pushing stroke is connected to the hopper, thereby returning the concrete pump in the pipeline of the small concrete pump to the hopper.

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