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A simple understanding of the layout of the pump pipe of the concrete pump

A simple understanding of the layout of the pump pipe of the concrete pump

Jun 22,2021
The layout of concrete pump pipes must pay attention to the following points: 1. In order to reduce pumping resistance, try not to place a 90-degree elbow immediately at the outlet of the concrete pump. The correct pipe layout method is to place a 1 to 2 meter short pipe at the outlet of the concrete pump, then connect a 3 meter straight pipe and then consider the 90-degree elbow landing.

This has two purposes. The placement of 1 to 2 meters of short pipe is to facilitate the disassembly and cleaning of the concrete pump when it fails. Another purpose is to reduce the outlet pressure of the concrete pump. 2. If pumping concrete horizontally, the pump pipe should be straight as possible. If you want to turn, try to use a large radius bend (such as a 1m radius) and add a fixed point at each end of the bend.

For vertical pumping of concrete, the horizontal pumping pipeline distance must be greater than one-third of the vertical pumping height distance. If the horizontal distance is not enough, add a 90-degree elbow (a 90-degree elbow with a radius of 1 meter is equivalent to 4 meters). Horizontal straight pipe). Otherwise, it will increase the pumping pressure and accelerate the engine loss; if it is heavy, it may not be able to pump to the height. 4. The pump tube is generally like a 3 meter tube in a straight line, then 3 tubes are separated as a fixed point-it depends on the specific situation.

A fixed point should be added on both sides of the elbow. The 90-degree elbow at the horizontal and vertical pipes should be used as a fixed platform to eliminate the horizontal and vertical forces. 5. The sealing film at the joint of each pump pipe must be intact, and there should be no leakage of water or slurry. This is a terrible question! Seriously, it will cause pipe blockage. 6. In addition to the above requirements for summer operations, if conditions are good, place straw curtains or broken sacks on the pump pipes and frequently water to reduce the temperature of the pump pipes to prevent the loss of concrete slump due to the excessive temperature of the pump pipes. Blocking the pipe.

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