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Saintyol DAWIN Self-Loading Mixer——A weapon for mountain construction, your choice for getting rich

Saintyol DAWIN Self-Loading Mixer——A weapon for mountain construction, your choice for getting rich

Jun 30,2021
70% of our country's area is mountainous and hilly, mainly distributed in the northwest, southwest, central China and northeast. The mountains hinder the way for mountain residents to access the outside world, and the living conditions are also very difficult. In order to build mountain areas, let them come out, and drive the economy, the country has vigorously developed mountainous roads, bridges, and housing projects. In the project, Saintyol DAWIN self-loading concrete mixer truck played a vital role.

Three difficulties faced by mountain construction

1. Insufficient power

  For mixers that require electricity and are low in efficiency, they can play a very small role in mountainous areas, delaying the progress of the project.

 2. Remote location

  The location in the mountain area is too awkward, the commercial mixing station is not far away, and the cost of using the commercial mixing is high.

Three, the environment is complex

  The mountain road is steep and steep, and there are endless detours. Even if there are commercial and mixed stations not far away, this difficult road environment is a huge test for commercial mixed vehicles. After all, commercial mixed vehicles can basically only travel in cities and towns. .

Saintyol DAWIN self-feeding concrete mixer truck mountain construction advantages

1. No need for electricity, high efficiency

  As a diesel-driven mechanical equipment, the Saintyol DAWIN automatic feeding concrete mixer is equipped with a Yuchai engine (Cummins in options), full of power, rapid and sensitive hydraulic action, and an automatic weighing device that controls the amount of raw materials for feeding. From feeding to unloading, one can of material It only takes 12 minutes on average.

2. Not afraid of remoteness, can disturb energy transport, high practicality

  Even in remote areas, there is no difficulty for the Saintyol DAWIN self-loading concrete mixer, because it is a small hard-core concrete mixing plant. As much concrete is needed, it can be mixed and transported during the mixing process. , The practicality is very high.

3. Born for complex environments, high security

  Each generation of Saintyol DAWIN mobile concrete mixer trucks is born according to the actual needs of the project, and each Saintyol DAWIN mixer truck has been inspected many times before leaving the factory. The patented articulated body can turn flexibly in mountainous transportation without fear of loops and turns. The compact body is designed according to ergonomic principles, equipped with four-wheel drive, stable climbing, and high safety. It is specially designed for projects in complex environments. Born to provide enough concrete. 4. Low cost of use and great return. In the case of continuous project connection, the Saintyol DAWIN self-feeding mixer truck can earn back the cost in less than a year, because it can save a lot of labor costs and raw material costs. Expenses, and the later returns are quite large. Many users have repurchased one after another, and the purchased Saintyol DAWIN mobile self loading concrete mixer trucks can form a fleet.

Until 2021, there are countless projects assisted by Saintyol DAWIN concrete mixer trucks, and they are all playing a vital role in infrastructure projects such as road construction, bridge construction, house construction, and floor laying. 2021 is the decisive year for my country's engineering development, and infrastructure projects are in full swing. In this critical period, Saintyol DAWIN self-loading Concrete mixers will surely be fully fired, and strive toward the national goal, forge ahead, and forge ahead.

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