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Take you to understand Saintyol DAWIN Concrete QKSP-20 truck mounted concrete wet spraying machine

Take you to understand Saintyol DAWIN Concrete QKSP-20 truck mounted concrete wet spraying machine

Jul 7,2021
Saintyol DAWIN Machinery QKSP-20 concrete wet spraying machine trolley is a self-propelled concrete wet robot spraying machine manipulator with a relatively compact and flexible design on the domestic market. It has many advantages such as compact structure, reasonable layout, powerful functions, beautiful appearance, perfect performance, flexible boom, wide operating range and high reliability.


The whole vehicle uses Yuchai’s 62.5KW EFI diesel engine to provide power, the walking system uses an open hydrostatic drive system, and the steering system uses a multi-wheel steering control system to enable it to have multiple steering modes, such as front-wheel steering, four-wheel steering, Crab steering, etc., enable the vehicle to steer and drive flexibly in a small space. The cab adopts a side-mounted method with a wheelbase of only 2.45 meters. The front axle has a swing suspension and wide tires. It has good driving performance. The approach and departure angles can reach 25°, and the ground clearance is up to 0.4 meters. The passing performance is very good. good.


The boom adopts a folding + rotating + telescopic boom. The boom manipulator has seven-axis freedom and can carry out precise gun head pointing spraying and bionic brush spraying (optional) in all directions without dead angles. The boom is fully retracted before proceeding. After turning, the short turning radius is only 1.8 meters, so that the boom can perform 360° unobstructed turning motions in a narrow space. When in the fully extended state, the front large jet distance can reach 9 meters, and the large working height can reach 10 meters. The working width can be up to 18 meters, the maximum working depth can be up to 5 meters, and the working range is very wide.


 QKSP-20 truck mounted robot concrete wet spraying machiney trolley has a length of 5 meters, a width of 1.85 meters, and a height of 2.6 meters, which can meet the requirements of 3M×3M—12M×8M (width×height) medium and small section tunnels, roadways, slopes, culverts, and mines. For concrete spray anchor support operations such as roads, the vehicle has the characteristics of maneuverability and flexibility, high concrete spraying speed, low rebound, simple operation, and labor saving. This equipment is a very flexible, reliable, and cost-effective concrete wet Spray robot.

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