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Concrete Wet Shotcrete Spraying Concrete Support Project

Concrete Wet Shotcrete Spraying Concrete Support Project

Jul 7,2021
The shotcrete machine is the core equipment in the construction of shotcrete, and it is widely used in construction, municipal administration, railway and highway tunnels, foundation pits, mines, slopes and other related shotcrete support projects. With the rapid development of underground spaces such as highway and railway tunnels, urban subway tunnels, and mining resources, the demand for concrete shotcrete machines is increasing.

According to the different construction techniques of shotcrete, common concrete shotcreting machines are generally divided into two categories: dry shotcreting machines and wet shotcreting machines, which are used in dry shotcreting and wet shotcreting respectively. With the improvement of wet spraying equipment and wet spraying process and the continuous improvement of construction requirements, wet concrete spraying machine has become the mainstream equipment for concrete spraying.

The working principle of wet concrete spraying machine is to use hydraulic pressure to transport the premixed mixture to the nozzle through the pipeline, and then introduce compressed air and accelerator at the nozzle, and then spray the mixture on the sprayed surface at high speed to quickly condense Form a concrete support layer.

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