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Problems that Shandong loaders need to pay attention to when disassembling

Problems that Shandong loaders need to pay attention to when disassembling

Sep 1,2021
Shandong loader is one of the more commonly used equipment in construction engineering. The main application range is in road construction and building construction. Sometimes it is also used in hydropower construction, even port construction and mine construction. It can be applied in all aspects. The main work content of this equipment is to load some relatively scattered materials, such as soil or sand. Of course, it can also be used for light excavation operations. So what should we pay attention to when disassembling and assembling the loader?

1. If the disassembly of the equipment needs to be carried out in the equipment warehouse, the lifting device can be carried out by using the crane in the equipment warehouse of the lower mine.

    2. Check the instructions before disassembling. When disassembling, you must strictly follow the instructions. All parts and small parts must be properly stored and stored separately. The disassembled parts must be handled with care. And packed well to prevent damage during later transportation.

    3. When disassembling the machine, there must be professional personnel present to supervise the operation, and no one can be under the lifting arm during the disassembly process.

    4. When disassembling the oil tank of the machine, you need to clean the dirt on the oil tank mouth first, so as to prevent the dirt from entering the inside. When we disassemble the fuel tank, we should not wear gloves to operate, which may cause fibers to enter the fuel port.

    The above are some of the issues we need to pay attention to when disassembling the loader. If you have other needs, you are welcome to contact us. L

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