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What to pay attention to when using concrete placing boom

What to pay attention to when using concrete placing boom

Oct 20,2021
1. Before using the concrete distributor concrete placing boom, the horizontal support at 2 meters of the tower must be adjusted by the screw to make the roller tightly against the four walls.
2. When the wind speed exceeds 13.8m/s (level 6 wind), the cloth machine is strictly prohibited from working. When the wind speed exceeds 7.78m/s (level 4 wind), it is strictly forbidden to install and dismantle the concrete distributor and climb the inner roof.
3. The placing boom should keep a certain distance from high-voltage wires and electrical appliances.
4. The work of the cloth machine must be directed by a special person, and no one is allowed to stand under the boom when the concrete placing boom machine is working.
5. The operator should check the metal structural members before each shift operation, whether there is any open welding phenomenon at each welding part, and whether the connection between the base beam and the building wall is reliable.
6. At the end of the work, the placing boom must be folded, the safety hook must be hung, the boom must be placed horizontally, and the ground power supply must be cut off.
7. The concrete placing boom machine should be specially equipped with a grounding wire, and the grounding resistance should not be greater than 4 ohms.
8. Assembling and disassembling personnel should carry and use necessary safety equipment according to the requirements of aerial operations.

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