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What is the cause of the failure of the boom at backhoe loader

What is the cause of the failure of the boom at backhoe loader

Nov 10,2021
It is inevitable that there will be some failures when using backhoe loader to be busy for construction. Today we are explaining what is the reason for the failure of the boom.  
       1. The principle and realization conditions of "moving arm"   
       When backhoe loader are busy working, they usually carry out boom lifting and zipper collection at the same time. Both pumps provide oil for the boom and stick because both pumps collect on the boom and mast. If engine power is allowed, actions that require more oil will provide more oil. When the engine was raised, the engine was almost full. The fuel supply to the rod cylinder needs to be reduced because the boom will be raised soon. However, the operating mode does not always work in the "priority" state, it only needs to raise the arm quickly and the arm is in the "priority" state.  
       2. The symptom of "boom priority" failure usually manifests itself as a gentler arm lift, and other movements of the machine remain normal. It can be seen that the failure of the general components of the hydraulic system does reduce the main hydraulic system of the boom cylinder, the pilot control and the electronic control of the "boom".
 3. The hydraulic principle of "boom priority"   
       When the boom is raised, the pilot oil from the pilot control valve raises the boom control valve and guides the oil from the upper main pump to the larger chamber of the boom cylinder. When the pilot hydraulic pressure exceeds 2250kPa, the boom converging valve moves, and the oil from the lower main pump also leads to the large cavity of the boom cylinder. At this time, the boom cylinder is in the oil supply state of the double pumps, and the boom can move quickly. accelerate. In the control system, if the boom lift pilot oil pressure is greater than 2646, press the "single arm" button. At the same time, the lever combination is in the middle position. Therefore, even if the economy grows, the economy will grow rapidly.  
       When using the backhoe loader to be busy in the construction, there is a failure, everyone must first find the cause of the failure, and then repair it. It is not only this kind of machinery that has to do this, no matter what kind of machinery it is, the cause of the failure must be found first and then repaired.

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