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How to safely install and disassemble the concrete placing boom

How to safely install and disassemble the concrete placing boom

Nov 4,2021
1 The main personnel involved in the concrete placing boom installation and disassembly must be familiar with the performance structure and characteristics of the cloth machine, skilled in technology, and have the ability to troubleshoot.

2 In the process of concrete distributor assembly and disassembly, a special person must be responsible for unified command.

3 The placing boom assembly and disassembly site should be cleaned up, and non-workers are prohibited from entering.

4 Take effective protective measures to prevent objects from falling from above during the concrete placing booms installation.

5  Concrete placing boom Assembling and disassembling personnel should carry and use necessary safety equipment according to the requirements of aerial operations. Including the need to wear a safety helmet, a seat belt, and non-slip shoes.

6 In the event of unclear vision, thunderstorms, heavy snow, dense fog and weather with wind speeds exceeding 7.8m/s (level 4 wind), concrete placer installation and disassembly operations are not allowed.

7 A comprehensive inspection must be carried out before the concrete placing boom moves to eliminate all unsafe hidden dangers.

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