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what a good useful concrete placing boom machine, hurry up to purchase.

what a good useful concrete placing boom machine, hurry up to purchase.

Nov 11,2021
Construction advantages of hydraulic concrete placing boom machine

The hydraulic concrete placing boom is a kind of terminal equipment used in conjunction with the concrete pump. It is suitable for the construction of high-rise buildings and large-area concrete pouring projects. It can easily and efficiently transport the concrete to the pouring operation point, realize continuous and uniform distribution, and reduce construction costs. Improve the quality of concrete pouring and construction progress.

The hydraulic concrete placing boom adopts hydraulic luffing, hydraulic jacking, no dead zone, safe to use, easy to operate and reliable in work. It can climb by itself in the elevator shaft and on the structural level as the building rises. It is in pumping concrete construction. Ideal concrete placing boom equipment.

The HGY series hydraulic concrete distributing machine concrete placing booms, designed and developed by Saintyol DAWIN Machinery, has the characteristics of reasonable structure, excellent performance, safety and reliability. Different types and models of hydraulic spreaders are suitable for various occasions and environments, greatly improving construction efficiency, and are a good helper for your construction!

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