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Why is your concrete placing boom blocked

Why is your concrete placing boom blocked

Nov 16,2021
Concrete pumping equipment

Causes of blocked pipes
With the rapid development of building construction, concrete pumping equipment concrete placing boom has been widely used by construction units. However, in the concrete pouring operation, due to improper use, the phenomenon of equipment pipe blockage occurs from time to time, which not only affects the project progress, but also directly affects the project quality.

Under normal circumstances, the concrete forms a columnar fluid in the center of the concrete placing boom pumping pipeline and flows in a suspended state. The surface of the fluid is covered with a layer of cement slurry. The cement slurry layer acts as a lubricant to contact the pipe wall, and there is basically no relative movement between the aggregates.

When the movement of some aggregates in the coarse aggregate is blocked, the movement speed of the subsequent aggregates gradually slows down due to the impact, resulting in the formation of agglomeration of the coarse aggregate in the pipeline, the mortar supporting the coarse aggregate is squeezed away, and the remaining gap Filled by small aggregates.

In this way, the aggregate density increases, so that the aggregates in this section of the concrete placing boom pipeline expand in the radial direction of the pipeline, the cement slurry lubricating layer is destroyed, the movement resistance increases, and the speed slows down until the movement stops and blockage occurs.

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