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Notes for concrete placing boom operators

Notes for concrete placing boom operators

Dec 15,2021
1. Concrete placing booms operators need to go through relevant technical learning and training, carefully read the operating instructions, be familiar with the working principle of the cloth machine, master the working essentials, and be in good health. They can only work after passing the inspection.

2. The placing boom operator should establish safety awareness. Once the equipment is found to be abnormal or malfunction during operation, it should be shut down immediately for inspection and can only be operated after the cause has been found out and the malfunction has been eliminated.

3. Before operating each shift, the operator should check the metal structure of the concrete placing boom machine, whether there is any open welding phenomenon at each welding part, and whether the connection between the base beam and the building wall is firm.

4. The operator needs to check each contact bolt one by one every week, whether it is loose, whether each limit switch, brake device is sensitive and reliable, and correct the problems found in time until it reaches a good condition.

5. The concrete distributor operator should do the lubrication work strictly in accordance with the lubrication requirements. After all aspects of work are ready, the no-load test can run without error before putting into work.
6. The concrete placer operator must obey the command of the commander, and it is strictly forbidden to clothe blindly to avoid accidents.

7. After getting on the machine, the mobile or tower self climbing concrete placing boom operator must concentrate his thoughts, pay attention to the front distributing machine and the direction of rotation, and operate carefully.

8. The placing boom operator must clean the residual concrete in the pipe of the hydraulic placing machine after the cloth is finished, to prevent the remaining concrete in the pipe from agglomerating, causing pipe blockage, pipe bursting, and affecting normal use.

9. Clean, tighten, lubricate, and adjust carefully.

10. When repairing or maintaining the hydraulic concrete placing boom machine, the pipe rack must be folded, the safety hook must be hung, the boom must be placed horizontally, and the ground power supply must be cut off.

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