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What are the main aspects to buy hydraulic concrete wet spraying machine

What are the main aspects to buy hydraulic concrete wet spraying machine

Dec 22,2021
The wet spraying machine adopts hydraulic transmission, pumping the concrete to a certain distance or to the nozzle, and then sprays the concrete onto the supporting surface with compressed air. At the same time, add an appropriate amount of accelerator to mix with the concrete at the nozzle to accelerate curing The dosage of the agent is adjusted by the metering pump.

Scope of application:
Hydraulic pumping wet spraying machine can be used for spraying, filling, grouting, pumping and other projects. It is widely used in railway and highway tunnels, water conservancy and hydropower, subway tunnels, mine tunnels, military facilities, various underground constructions and emergency rescue projects. construction.
1. The hydraulic pumping wet spraying machine has stable performance, few wearing parts and low maintenance and use cost.

2. The sprayed concrete has a long conveying distance, low resilience, and saves raw materials.

3. The work is programmed and easy to operate.

4. It adopts three pump structure, small shotcrete pulse and good continuity.

5. Low dust concentration during operation eliminates the hazard to workers' health.

6. Accelerating agent addition and control technology: a metering pump is used to make the measurement data accurate, and the atomization jet and nozzle material flow are mixed to make the accelerating agent and concrete mix evenly.

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