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The correct use method of concrete pump during operation

The correct use method of concrete pump during operation

Dec 22,2021
1. Straight-line laying of pipelines: In the process of laying concrete pump pipelines, it is generally necessary to ensure that the pipeline laying lines and pouring points of the pumping equipment are straight, and the curvature is minimized as much as possible. At the same time, the laying of the concrete pump pipe support and the fixing of the pipe must be tight and reliable, and the pipe joints should be sealed and reliable, and the hose and steel pipe should not be mixed together.
2. Installation of the key parts of the concrete pump: During the installation process, it is strictly forbidden to connect the riser directly to the output port of the ground pump. It is recommended to install a horizontal pipe with a length of not less than 10 meters before installing the stand pipe to ensure that the horizontal pipe is installed in the pump and the check valve is installed.

3. If the concrete pump pipe is blocked, it is recommended to stop pumping first. After checking the blocked pipeline, take out the pipeline and clean it, then reinstall it firmly, and then seal and clean it again.

These three points are all relatively basic methods of operation. If a worker wants to do his job well, he must first sharpen his tools and do the basic work well in order to build a tall and stable building. This is the truth. The secondary structure hydraulic pouring pump is inefficient, it will be helpful to try these.

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