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Laying of the Conveying Pipe of the Pumping Wet Spray Trolley

Laying of the Conveying Pipe of the Pumping Wet Spray Trolley

Mar 7,2022
The laying of the delivery pipe of the pumping wet spray trolley First, whether the laying of the pipeline reasonably affects the construction efficiency and quality of the pumped concrete. The pumping pipeline generally follows the "principle of short straight line between two points", and reduces pipe bends to a great extent. And the utilization rate of the hose, when using the elbow, try to avoid the bending of the elbow is too large. In addition, in the part where the wet sprayer has to use the hose, the bending degree of the hose should be less than 180° as much as possible, and the hose should not be twisted.

  The second is to set a horizontal pipe at the outlet of the wheeled wet spray trolley pump, and connect an elbow to the top of the horizontal pipe to realize the steering of the vertical transportation of concrete, and try to keep the length ratio of the vertical pipe to the horizontal pipe as 2:1. The third is that the outlet of the pump is not suitable for the direction conversion on the horizontal plane, otherwise it will cause a large pressure loss.

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