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Do these jobs well, and pumping concrete can also be very simple!

Do these jobs well, and pumping concrete can also be very simple!

Mar 7,2022
5. If the pressure of the concrete pump is too high and unstable, and the oil temperature rises. When the conveying pipe vibrates obviously and the pumping is difficult, it is not allowed to pump forcibly, and the cause should be immediately identified and eliminated. The delivery pipe can be bent first by hitting it with a mallet. Conical pipes, etc., and pump at a slow speed or reverse pump to prevent clogging.
6. When blockage occurs, the following methods should be taken to eliminate:

① Repeat the operation of the reverse pump and the forward pump, gradually suck out the concrete and return it to the hopper, and then pump it again after stirring.​​

② Identify the blockage by hammering and other methods, and repeat the reverse pump and forward pump operation after the concrete is knocked loose to remove the blockage.​​

When the above two methods are ineffective, the blockage should be disassembled after the concrete is decompressed, and the pump should be pumped again after the blockage is discharged.

7. Ready-mixed concrete should be used for pumped concrete, and a mixing station can also be set up on site to supply pumped concrete, but hand-mixed concrete should not be pumped.

The supplied concrete should be strictly controlled, and the change of slump should be paid attention to at any time. Concrete that does not meet the pumping requirements is not allowed to be pumped to ensure the effective operation of the concrete pump.

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