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Do you know the maintenance of concrete wet spraying machine after use?

Do you know the maintenance of concrete wet spraying machine after use?

Mar 16,2022
The maintenance before and after use of the wet spraying machine requires frequent maintenance, so as to maintain its high performance, as smooth as new, reduce the number of failures, and bring greater benefits to the company. The same goes for wet sprayers. As the most advanced shotcrete support equipment in China, the concrete wet spraying machine has a wide range of uses and the construction environment is also very complicated, so the daily maintenance of the wet spraying machine is also more important. Below, Saintyol DAWIN machinery has sorted out the maintenance tips before and after use of the concrete wet sprayer for you.

Maintenance of wet sprayer after use
(1) After each work, all pipelines, hoppers and piston cylinders of the pump must be cleaned.
(2) Open the lower door of the hopper of the pump, clean the concrete in the hopper, close the lower door, fill up with water, and put the cleaning ball into the pipe to draw water until the cleaning ball and clean water flow out.
(3) Remove all pipes and rinse with water until clean
(4) Usually it is necessary to process an end cap with a thread of the same size as the nozzle, and use it as a plug in the front section, disassemble the connecting elbow, and open the air source, so that the coagulation in the pipeline is ejected from the front end with compressed air. Add water to the pipe, or use the accelerator pump to add water, then add the cleaning ball, open the package, and rinse repeatedly (this method must confirm that the surrounding staff are at a safe distance).
(5) Open the material lower door, rinse with water, start the reverse pump switch, rinse the material outlet with water, and clean the pump S swing tube

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