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Maintenance of wet concrete spraying machine before use

Maintenance of wet concrete spraying machine before use

Mar 16,2022
The maintenance before and after use of the wet spraying machine requires frequent maintenance, so as to maintain its high performance, as smooth as new, reduce the number of failures, and bring greater benefits to the company. The same goes for wet concrete spraying machine. As the most advanced shotcrete support equipment in China, the concrete wet shotcrete machine has a wide range of uses, and the construction environment is also extremely complex, so the daily maintenance of the wet shotcrete machine is also more important. Below, Saintyol DAWIN Machinery has sorted out the maintenance tips before and after use of the wet concrete shotcrete machine for you.

Maintenance before use of wet concrete spraying machine concrete sprayer.

(1) Check whether the injector hole in the air ring sleeve is blocked before each startup, and clean the concrete residue in each small hole.

(2) The equipment has seven grease nipples, which must be filled with butter before each operation of the equipment.

(3) The water tank of the pump cylinder needs to be filled with water before starting the machine.

(4) Always observe the hydraulic oil level, and pay attention to ensure the cooling of the hydraulic oil when working

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