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Common sense of safe use of concrete pump

Common sense of safe use of concrete pump

Apr 7,2022
Concrete pumps play the role of transporters in large-scale concrete projects such as high-rise buildings, highways, and overpasses, so they are very important. For concrete pumps, the correct and safe use is equally important. In the daily operation process, how should we use the concrete pump correctly?
1. The landing site for the small concrete pump should be flat and solid, with no obstacles around and no high-voltage power lines above. The on-board pump must not be parked in a dangerous area such as a slope;
2. Once the small concrete pump is in place, the outriggers should be supported immediately and the fuselage should be kept level and stable;
3. The inspection items before operation should meet the following requirements:
1. There is no debris in the mixing hopper, and the protective grid on the hopper is intact and tightly covered;
2. The connection of the conveying pipeline is firm and the sealing is good;
3. The hydraulic system works normally, and the pipeline has no leakage; the cleaning water pump and equipment are in good condition;
4. Sufficient addition of lubricating oil, hydraulic oil, fuel oil and water tank, tire pressure in compliance with regulations, lighting and signal indicators are complete and well illuminated.
4. Before pumping, when the temperature of hydraulic oil is lower than 15℃, the time of idling should be extended to increase the oil temperature.
5. When pumping, the operation of the pump and the stirring device should be checked, and the instruments and indicator lights should be monitored. If any abnormality is found, it should be stopped in time.
6. After one operation is completed, or the operation is stopped for a long time due to other circumstances, it is necessary to clean the concrete delivery pump and pipeline as soon as possible within the specified time to avoid the residual concrete from condensing in the pump body and pipeline.
7. If it is found that the pumping pipeline system is blocked, the reverse pump operation should be carried out in time to make the aggregate formed at the initial stage loose and then resume normal pumping. Do not forcibly send, so as not to cause more serious aggregate build-up. If the pumping system has been blocked, check the cause of the blockage in time, determine the blockage location, and remove it as soon as possible.

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