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Safe use of concrete placing boom machine (1)

Safe use of concrete placing boom machine (1)

Apr 12,2022
In the construction site, all kinds of machinery and equipment are overwhelmed, and the concrete placing boom machine safe use of concrete placing boom machine machinery and equipment is particularly important.

Construction site machinery should be used correctly according to the requirements of its technical performance. Machinery without safety devices or with failed safety devices shall not be used.

It is strictly forbidden to remove safety devices such as automatic control mechanisms and torque limiters on mechanical equipment, as well as automatic alarm and signal devices such as monitoring, indication, instrumentation, and alarms. Its debugging and troubleshooting should be carried out by professionals.
It is strictly forbidden to repair, maintain, or adjust the machinery in operation and operation.

Operators of concrete placing boom machinery and equipment must be healthy and pass the job training exam. They can operate independently only after they have obtained the operation certificate issued by the relevant department and have a special type of operation certificate. Students must operate under the guidance of the master.

When the hydraulic concrete placing boom machine is operating, the operator shall not leave the work post without authorization or hand over the machine to a non-machine operator to operate. It is strictly forbidden for irrelevant personnel to enter the operation area and operation room. When working, the mind should be concentrated, and it is strictly forbidden to operate after drinking.

Machinery concrete placing booms operators and cooperating personnel must wear labor protection equipment according to regulations, and long hair must not be exposed. Safety belts must be worn when working at heights, and hard-soled shoes and slippers are not allowed. It is strictly forbidden to throw objects from a height.

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