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Do you know what cleaning work can be done with concrete delivery pumps?

Do you know what cleaning work can be done with concrete delivery pumps?

Apr 19,2022
Concrete construction engineering has received extensive attention in today's social development. The use of concrete delivery pumps provides support and assistance for concrete construction. This is an equipment project developed and produced by our company for many years. The following is the cleaning work of the concrete pump for your reference.
Cut off the power to the concrete pump and place it on smooth ground. Before cleaning with water, the remaining concrete in the hopper, box and pipeline should be cleaned to reduce the cleaning workload. The sponge ball is soaked in water and inserted into the nozzle.
Connect the reducing pipe to the pipe port, and then close the control valve. Fill the hopper with water while flushing the delivery line. After the concrete pump pipeline is rinsed clean, take out the sponge ball and reducer and put it in a ventilated place to dry.
There are two methods for pipeline cleaning, namely water washing and air washing. Whether it is water washing or air washing, the valve box and hopper must be cleaned. When washing with water, open the conical tube and clean it, then put the water-soaked cement bag and cleaning ball into the cleaned conical tube successively, then connect the conical tube and pipeline, and close it. Unload the bucket door, and then fill the hopper with water (the water must be kept constant); pump the water until the cleaning ball emerges from the front end of the conveying pipe.

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