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Saintyol DAWIN takes you to understand the lubrication system of concrete line pumps

Saintyol DAWIN takes you to understand the lubrication system of concrete line pumps

Apr 19,2022
Concrete line pump is a kind of construction machinery. Because its working environment is relatively poor, it is more necessary to do daily maintenance and maintenance work. Among them, lubrication is a very important work. Concrete floor pumps are divided into manual lubrication and automatic lubrication. part, the specific analysis is as follows:
1. Manual lubrication
Using a screw-cap oil cup, first fill the oil cup with grease, and press the grease onto the friction surface by the pressure generated by tightening the cup cover. cup. During the pumping process, the cap should be lubricated every 4 hours to keep the spherical friction surface in a good lubricated state.
2. Automatic lubrication
The automatic lubrication system combines the advantages of the progressive lubrication system and the double-line lubrication system, and can be lubricated with hydraulic oil and grease respectively. , double-line lubrication center and pipeline composition. The automatic lubrication system lubricates the following lubrication points: agitator bearings, S-tube size bearings, concrete pistons in conveying cylinders.
In the automatic lubrication system, the manual lubricating pump is a lubricating auxiliary grease supply device. The handle of the grease pump should be pulled before pumping each time. Stop hand pumping oil. When pumping concrete, the system is supplied with hydraulic oil by the double-line lubrication center as a lubricant to automatically lubricate the mechanical system. For manual lubricating pumps, use non-extreme pressure "oo" semi-fluid file-based grease in summer, and non-extreme pressure "000" semi-fluid kangpoule-based grease in winter.

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