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What should be paid attention to when the truck mounted wet concrete spray machine is used in high temperature weather or areas in summer?

What should be paid attention to when the truck mounted wet concrete spray machine is used in high temperature weather or areas in summer?

May 26,2022
High temperatures can cause tire pressure to rise, possibly resulting in a puncture. Therefore, it is necessary to check the tire condition every day to reduce the hidden danger of accidents.
Recommended spare parts: tires

When the temperature of the hydraulic oil is too high, the viscosity, lubricity and wear resistance will decrease. At the same time, the hydraulic system components tend to increase in the amount of interference under the action of thermal expansion and contraction, which will not only lead to increased leakage, but also the oil film of each sliding part. It will also be destroyed, aggravating the wear of hydraulic components, resulting in increased wear and tear of components, burst pipes, oil leakage, etc.
Therefore, it is necessary to choose hydraulic oil with a slightly higher viscosity and replace it regularly, change the water in the water tank frequently, check and clean the hydraulic oil radiator regularly, and keep it in good working condition.
Recommended spare parts and oil products: hydraulic oil temperature sensor, hydraulic oil radiator (or cooling fan), various types of cylinder seals, hydraulic oil.
The engine is easy to heat up at high temperature. The solution is mainly through maintenance and maintenance, observe the water temperature gauge at any time, check the water tank at all times, ensure the quality and quantity of the engine coolant, clean the surface of the radiator, and ensure the normal operation of the engine cooling system.
Recommended spare parts: Engine air filter.

For equipment with a long service life, when working in high temperature weather, the aging circuit skin is easy to crack, and some electrical components are damaged in use, causing failure. Therefore, it is necessary to regularly check the electrical system to find hidden dangers in time.
Recommended spare parts: power transfer switch, display screen.
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