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The operation method of the wet concrete spray machanical arm has been sorted out for everyone (3)

The operation method of the wet concrete spray machanical arm has been sorted out for everyone (3)

May 30,2022
Wet spraying concrete machanical arm is a very suitable concrete spraying machine for large-scale concrete projects at present, which can effectively save human resources and construction time, especially for the places where manual spraying is difficult in tunnel projects, more and more concrete engineering projects have begun to use it. The wet spraying machanical arm manipulator replaces the construction, but the machanical arm manipulator construction also needs to be equipped with certain operators. How to operate the wet spraying manipulator? The following editor has sorted out the operation methods and spraying skills of the wet spraying manipulator for your reference.

5. Injection sequence

In the tunnel construction, the sprayed concrete should start from the lower side wall and regularly sweep left and right to the vault. In the process of spraying from the side wall to the vault, some quick-setting agent can be slightly added to accelerate the setting speed of the concrete. Try to use multi-layer thin-layer spraying instead of one-time full-thickness spraying; at the top of the tunnel arch, the thickness of the initial spraying layer should not exceed 50mm to prevent the sprayed layer from falling and affecting the bonding effect of the sprayed concrete.

6. Control of rebound amount

The factors that affect the rebound amount of injected concrete mainly include the following aspects: the air supply volume, the angle between the nozzle and the injected rock surface, the dosage of the accelerator, the distance from the nozzle to the injected rock surface, and the injection location.

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