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Shovel Self-loading concrete mixer truck, easy to operate and quick to discharge, with more obvious advantages!

Shovel Self-loading concrete mixer truck, easy to operate and quick to discharge, with more obvious advantages!

May 30,2022
Shovel Self-loading convere mixer trucks are widely used in special vehicles for hardening construction operations with narrow roads, such as residential buildings, rural road construction, squares, workshops, etc. This product has self-feeding, self-water supply, self-mixing, 270-degree left-right turn all-terrain large-angle cutting, high-pressure automatic tank flushing, and a multi-functional engineering mixer truck.


The operation is flexible and convenient, and the time relay adds water to make the stirring more uniform and more in line with the standard. The joystick is easy to operate.


The front double-wheel vacuum steel wire tire bears more load, is safer, and reduces the occurrence of accidents.


High-pressure car wash gun, cleaning vehicles more clean! It is convenient and quick, and it is very easy to clean when discharging. No manual cleaning is required.


At least 10 labors are saved every day, 100 kWh of electricity is saved, no concrete truck and loader are needed to load materials, and all-terrain work is required.


The cab console can be rotated, making it more convenient to drive in both directions. The tiltable unloading function of the vehicle makes the unloading more thorough and faster, and the inclined unloading design makes the vehicle unloading more realistic.
The automatic shovel feeding concrete mixer should be done before use

1. Check whether each water tank is short of water and add enough water, and whether the tire pressure meets the requirements of 2.5bar or more.

2. Check the engine oil dipstick, the hydraulic oil tank gauge, the gear box oil standard observation hole, the front and rear axles, and the wheel side reduction shaft head. Unscrew the oil level oil plug to check whether the gear oil meets the requirements. If it is missing, it should be added in time. The master pump automatically Whether the liquid level of the oil cup meets the standard requirements.

3. When observing the engine oil, gear oil, checking the oil dipstick, the oil standard gong hole, and the hydraulic oil tank, the vehicle should be in a horizontal position.

4. The oil pipelines and gas pipeline joints of all parts of the vehicle are loose, whether there is oil leakage or air leakage. Check whether the wiring of the whole vehicle is in poor contact, and whether the instruments and lights are working normally.

5. Check whether the brakes are effective before driving, and check whether the operation of each control valve is good.

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