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Saintyol DAWIN Machinery - Do you know the 40 concrete fine stone pump, what are the precautions for pumping operations?

Saintyol DAWIN Machinery - Do you know the 40 concrete fine stone pump, what are the precautions for pumping operations?

Jun 29,2022
Saintyol DAWIN Machinery fine stone concrete pumping operation will cause harm and safety problems if the pump sucks in air. How can we avoid such problems as much as possible in our daily operation? It is very important to follow concrete pump safe usage practices when using concrete pumps.


1. The concrete delivery pump can be towed by motor vehicles, but shall not carry any cargo, and the towing speed shall not exceed 8km/h;

2. After pumping concrete, clean the hopper, S valve, concrete cylinder and conveying pipeline in time. After the pump is cleaned, the pressure of the accumulator should be released, the power supply should be cut off, and each switch should be stopped or disconnected;

3. Construction safety and accident prevention devices should now be installed. Such as: indicating and warning signs, fences, metal baffles, etc., set up a necessary working area (not less than 1 meter) around the pump, and non-operators are not allowed to enter without permission. Regularly replace the conveying pipeline within three meters from the operator, which must be fastened and screened with wooden boards or metal partitions;
4. It is strictly forbidden to operate when the reading of the vacuum meter is greater than 0.04Mpa, otherwise the main oil pump may be damaged;

5. The use, installation and wiring of the electrical control box must be carried out by professionals;

6. Concrete conveying The concrete in the hopper of this pump must be higher than the mixing shaft to avoid concrete splashing caused by inhalation of air;

7. After the pumping operation is completed, when transferring the pump to retract the outriggers, first retract the rear outriggers, put down the ground rollers, and retract the front outriggers;

8. The operator (the pump worker of the concrete delivery pump) technicians should record the working conditions of the concrete pump as required;

9. The concrete pump should be firmly fixed before use, and the four feet should be raised to make the tire off the ground, or the tire should be removed. Check the support of the hopper and chute on the upper part of the pump to ensure stability and reliability, and pay special attention to the casualties caused by the overturning of the pump. ;
10. When pumping, pay attention to concrete splashes or other items entering the eyes, causing eye injuries;

11. The power supply wiring of the concrete pump must have a leakage protection switch. It is necessary to check whether the electrical components are working normally and whether the cables are damaged to prevent casualties caused by electric shock;

12. It is necessary to ensure the reliable connection of the conveying pipeline and regular maintenance to prevent the personnel from being injured due to pipe jamming, pipe burst or blockage;

13. It is strictly forbidden to open hydraulic pipe joints or loosen hydraulic flange bolts when the hydraulic system is not unloaded. High-pressure hydraulic oil injection can cause great damage!

14. When the pump is working, it is strictly forbidden to reach into the hopper, water tank, reversing cylinder and other areas with moving parts, and stop the operation when it is necessary to check.

The above are the relevant operating specifications when using concrete pumps. Complying with these operating specifications can not only avoid many unnecessary injuries, but also reduce the loss of our machines.

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