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How much do you know about how to maintain the wet concrete sprayer? (1)

How much do you know about how to maintain the wet concrete sprayer? (1)

Jun 29,2022
Concrete equipment such as SPJ series wet concrete spraying machines are widely used in harsh construction environments, such as tunnels and mining areas, due to their small size and strong flexibility. How to adapt to construction and prolong the service life in harsh environments is the concern of every wet sprayer user. Saintyol DAWIN Machinery will take you into the maintenance of wet spraying machine. Based on years of production experience, the summary is as follows:
1. Maintain the rubber sheet of the wet sprayer

Excessive tightening can easily lead to excessive stress on the rubber plate of the wet sprayer, resulting in severe wear. In addition to being careful not to use excessively high temperatures during use, it is also necessary to clean and inspect in time, and check the wear degree of the rubber plate during each cleaning and inspection. If the steel insert is flush with the rubber surface or there is air leakage from the remaining air holes and feed holes, the rubber plate must be replaced.

2. Maintain the steel lining of the wet sprayer

Saintyol DAWIN Machinery believes that construction workers must check the rigid lining once a week. If it is found that the steel liner has deep scratches, it should be reground immediately. At the same time, it is necessary to ensure that the edge of the round hole of the steel liner is a sharp edge, because the chamfered edge is easy to penetrate fine particles and increase the wear of the equipment. If the new rigid lining has been replaced and the old rigid lining has beveled edges, the service life of the new rigid lining can be shortened at the same time. Therefore, it is hoped that the production personnel should pay attention to grinding the rigid lining plate in time when using concrete equipment such as wet spraying machines, and remove the worn areas, which can reduce the cost and prolong the service life of the equipment, which can serve multiple purposes with one stone.

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