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The benefits of the appearance of wet concrete spray trolleys

The benefits of the appearance of wet concrete spray trolleys

Jul 5,2022
With the emergence of the wet spraying trolley, it not only solves the problem that traditional small wet spraying machines cannot meet the insufficiency of concrete spraying in long tunnels, but also improves the working environment of tunnel construction personnel, and reduces the consumption of concrete.

Concrete wet spraying trolley, also known as concrete wet spraying manipulator, concrete spraying manipulator, is widely used in railways, highway tunnels, slopes, water conservancy, hydropower tunnels and culverts, as well as subways, civil construction projects, etc.

Advantages of wet spray trolley:

1. High efficiency and low energy consumption: It is equipped with a large-capacity hopper and uses a strong and stable intelligent hydraulic system to control mechanical feeding. In terms of feeding of the shotcrete machine, the feeding speed and feeding continuity are the same as manual feeding. Often affected by the impact of human body function, compared with qualitative improvement. Thereby, the idling rate of the shotcrete machine is reduced, and the efficiency of the shotcrete machine is improved. The efficiency of the shotcrete machine is increased by about 30% compared with the artificial feeding of the shotcrete under the test conditions. Due to the improvement of efficiency, the shotcrete time to complete the same amount of work is reduced, thereby reducing the power consumption of the shotcrete machine and the power consumption of auxiliary equipment in the construction face. According to incomplete statistics, it can save about 35% of the construction site. power.
2. Save labor and materials: Save labor: Tunnel engineering construction is one of the harsh environments in existing engineering construction, and it belongs to high-risk environment operations. This product is a mechanical automatic feeding equipment, which only needs 2~3 people to operate the machine easily. Compared with manual feeding, 6~10 workers are required to load the material to ensure that a shotcrete machine can work normally. A large amount of manpower reduces the number of personnel working in high-risk environments. Material saving: The discharge port of the hopper is equipped with a gate to adjust the feeding speed, and the feeding speed can be adjusted at will according to the shotcrete speed so as not to spill the mixed material out of the lower barrel of the shotcrete machine and cause the waste of the mixed material. It avoids the manual shovel cutting with a shovel, and the rising process causes a large amount of mixing material to be scattered around and in the air and cannot be fully utilized.
3. Reduce pollution: First of all, the automatic feeding process of the hopper is that the discharge port of the hopper is directly aligned with the feeding barrel of the shotcrete machine, and the mixed material does not go through the artificial upward process, which can avoid a large amount of mixed material generated during the feeding process. waste and dust pollution. Secondly, the air return structure of the original shotcrete machine was changed to eliminate the dust in the air return.

4. Simple operation and wide operation area: The equipment operation is quite simple, and it can be started after simple training.

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