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Do you know the characteristics of the fine stone concrete pump in the process of concrete conveying on the floor

Do you know the characteristics of the fine stone concrete pump in the process of concrete conveying on the floor

Jul 22,2022
The fine stone concrete pump adopts a hydraulic system. The concrete pump has the characteristics of long concrete cylinder stroke, high vertical distance for conveying concrete, and long distance for horizontal conveying concrete. The fine stone concrete delivery pump, ground pump and drag pump all adopt a continuous lubrication system, which solves the damage to the fine stone concrete pump due to lack of lubrication during the process of conveying concrete. And the remote control function is adopted to facilitate the operation of concrete pump, concrete conveying equipment, ground pump and sand dragging.

The fine stone concrete pump is widely used in floor heating engineering, mortar backfilling, mortar conveying, small grain concrete conveying and fine stone concrete conveying, tunnel engineering and so on. It is the preferred cement conveying equipment for fine stone concrete, small grain concrete and mortar conveying.
The traditional mortar pump for floor heating construction cannot transport fine stone concrete, and this problem has always plagued floor heating construction personnel. The company's engineering and technical personnel have accumulated many years of experience in research and development of concrete pumps, and according to the characteristics of floor heating construction equipment, using advanced development methods, designed and manufactured a small S-tube valve type mortar pump - BS series fine stone concrete pump, which has successfully solved the problem of transportation during floor heating construction. The conundrum of fine stone concrete. The equipment adopts a number of world advanced technologies of concrete pumps, and has applied for two national patents. It is the advanced floor heating construction equipment in China and an ideal equipment for conveying fine stone concrete in construction.

With the support of the majority of users, through the efforts of technical staff, more than ten improvements have been made to the original products, and the product quality has leaped to a new level, with more stable performance and more reliable work, which can better meet the needs of users. .

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