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Do you know the important part of concrete pump?

Do you know the important part of concrete pump?

Jul 22,2022
Concrete pump is mainly composed of truck chassis and power take-off device of pump truck, concrete pump, distribution device, outrigger device, hydraulic system and cleaning system. Since there are so many devices, which device plays the key role? Qingdao Saintyol DAWIN Machinery has summarized the following points through years of experience:

The important device of the concrete delivery pump is the outrigger, whose function is to ensure the safety and stability of the concrete pump truck during work. Because the concrete pump truck is generally not equipped with a counterweight like a crane, when the horizontal outreach of the pump truck boom is large, a large overturning moment will be generated. These overturning moments are mainly balanced by the reaction force of the outriggers. Therefore, the outriggers are required to have a sufficiently large supporting area and sufficient strength, stiffness and fatigue strength.
The outrigger structure of the pump truck is divided into two parts, horizontal and vertical. The horizontal direction is manual operation, and the vertical direction is hydraulic operation. The driving cylinder can be external or built-in.

The outriggers can be extended in a swinging pattern or in a moving pattern. When the outriggers are stretched in a swinging manner, the outriggers are unfolded by swinging around the hinges on the fixed support. The extension size is large, the work stability is good, and the structure and manufacture are simple. However, the two sides of the pump truck must be Leave enough space. When the outriggers are extended in a moving manner, the outriggers are extended and retracted in the box-shaped frame, and the outriggers on the left and right sides of the pump truck can be extended in an X-shaped three-dimensional cross, and can also be extended in parallel.

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