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Technical characteristics of concrete wet spray trolley

Technical characteristics of concrete wet spray trolley

Sep 5,2022
QZHP-3016E concrete wet spraying trolley is suitable for large-scale highway, railway tunnel construction, slope support construction, large-scale water conservancy and hydropower project tunnel, culvert construction, and subway, various civil and military construction projects, etc., to meet the construction requirements of shotcrete .

The QZHP-3016E concrete wet spraying trolley adopts an engineering chassis, with strong power and strong climbing and off-road capability; four-wheel drive, emergency assistance system, and three national power diesel engines, with guaranteed power; fast transition, flexible boom, and wide coverage; The whole vehicle has high reliability and can meet various requirements of wet spraying operation.

QZHP-3016B concrete wet spraying trolley, high-efficiency spraying capacity and good filling rate of concrete pump truck, flexible operation and large-coverage spraying ledge, automatic spraying control system, precise accelerator batching and efficient mixing of concrete , Low concrete springback rate, no blind spot for working arm construction, high strength and long life boom design.

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