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The main purpose of concrete pump

The main purpose of concrete pump

Sep 5,2022
Concrete delivery pump, also known as concrete pump, consists of pump body and delivery pipe. It is a machine that uses pressure to continuously transport concrete along the pipeline. It is mainly used in house construction, bridge and road construction. Concrete pump is a construction equipment that relies on pressure to transport concrete through pipelines. It is equipped with special pipelines, which can continuously complete horizontal and vertical transportation of concrete along the pipeline. It is an ideal type of existing concrete conveying equipment. Combining the production of ready-mixed concrete with pumping construction, and using the concrete mixer truck for intermediate operation, the continuous pumping and pouring of concrete can be realized. Concrete conveying work for large-scale concrete projects.
Structural characteristics of concrete pump

Electronic control system:

Fully enclosed electrical control box, protection control device can work under harsh conditions.

Using PLC programmable, program simplified electrical appliances, the reliability and life are significantly improved, and with a fault display function, easy to troubleshoot. Easy to operate.

Hydraulic system:

The liftable door is very convenient to operate, maintain and maintain.

The door is made with a special process to reduce operating noise.

Adopt double pump, double circuit open hydraulic system.

Simple system, long component life and high reliability.
The pumping oil circuit adopts non-contact automatic commutation and time delay control, which avoids commutation shock, and the commutation is accurate, stable and reliable.

The hydraulic system is equipped with overflow protection and overpressure automatic cut-off device, so that the main pump can be reliably protected in multiple stages.

The suction filter technology is adopted to prevent foreign matter from entering the hydraulic circuit, which greatly prolongs the service life of system components while improving the reliability of the system.

Forced air cooling to dissipate heat to ensure that the oil temperature is lower than 60 ℃.

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